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Supernatural All Stars is proud to offer a variety of cheerleading and movement programs for participants of all ages. Whether you’d like to get your preschooler started on the basics of gymnastics, or your teenager wants to expand their cheerleading skills, we have a program for you. We offer competitive teams that travel around the region, as well as classes that help develop your athlete. Whatever your athlete’s preferences, our coaches are here to give everyone a positive, educational experience.

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Receive One-on-One Attention

Most athletes will greatly benefit from one-on-one instruction. Our coaches can create a personalized plan for your child or teen to help them take their skills to the next level.

Enroll in Our Classes and Clinics

Teaching is our favorite thing to do! As such, we want to offer as many opportunities for your child to learn as possible. We provide several classes each week that focus on aspects of cheerleading and help to build skill, stamina, and passion. Take advantage of one or more of these classes:


We offer tumbling instruction for all levels, beginner and advanced included. Some of our courses are even designed to help your athlete “level up” and become more skilled.


Strength training and conditioning is imperative for any athlete. Your students will have the chance to work with our Personal Trainer at pre-registered classes. You may request private sessions as well.


If your cheerleader wants a little more experience with stunts and flying, we can help. Our coaches cover flexibility, technique, and strength training for flyers.


Flexibility training is a must for any cheerleader looking to improve their jumps and stunts. This class incorporates yoga to allow athletes to increase their flexibility.

Join Our Competitive Teams

Our coaches have years of experience instructing competitive cheerleading teams. At Supernatural All Stars, you’ll find numerous teams for all levels. More experienced cheerleaders will love our elite teams, while athletes just starting out will enjoy their time on our novice or prep teams. After a thorough tryout and audition process, we’ll recommend the best team for each athlete. We also offer shorter-term winter and half-year teams.


Consider Our Intro to Cheer Program

If your child wants to try cheerleading but insn’t sure they are ready to commit to a lengthy competitive season and practice schedule, Intro to Cheer was made for them! Our 8-week, non-traveling season will culminate in a performance where our cheerleaders can show their skills to an audience.


Movement Education for Young Children

We also offer physical education sessions for preschool children. These children are too young for structured classes, but they’re just the right age to learn to love movement and staying active! Our mommy-and-me sessions allow you to participate as well.


Our Coaches Are Also Choreographers

Excellent choreography is essential to any competitive or recreational cheer group. Our coaches have been choreographing groups of all ages for years, and we’d be happy to address your needs as well. We work with youth groups and school teams, providing full and partial routines. Simply
let us know what you need, and we can accommodate!

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