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Supernatural All Stars is more than just your run-of-the-mill cheer team. We provide an affordable alternative to well-known programs without compromising quality or student experience. Our coaches value each athlete who participates in our programs, whether they come to us with no experience or years of cheer.

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How We Got Our Start

Supernatural All Stars started as an idea shared between two high school cheerleading coaches. Jill Markley and Nessa Warrington had wanted to coach All Star cheerleading but soon realized the activity is cost-prohibitive for many athletes. They envisioned creating opportunities for those who wish to participate in cheerleading without incurring so many expenses. Today, Supernatural All Stars operates under the mission to allow everyone to cheer, no matter their income or starting skill level. Jill and Nessa strive to be excellent role models for each student and show them that they’re valued for more than just their athletic ability.

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