Weekly Classes We Offer

The coaches at Supernatural All Stars are excited to offer a range of classes designed for athletes of all ages and skill levels. These classes can help to hone your child’s tumbling and cheerleading skills, or they can serve to take their abilities to the next level. Here’s a brief overview of the classes you may want to sign up for:

Intro to Cheer

Intro to Cheer provides an exciting atmosphere for athletes while teaching technique-focused basic skills, and student activities that focus on character development and FUN! Kids (and their parents) who try this short introductory program love it and come away feeling successful and happy!”

Beginner Tumbling

 In a tumbling circuit that blends drills and skills, athletes new to tumbling will learn and then hone the important fundamentals.  Focusing on the forward roll and handstand, beginner tumble is the perfect way to establish the building blocks to all other successful tumbling.

Beginner Advanced Tumble

Beginner advance tumble enriches the agility and skill of fairly new tumblers as they graduate to the cartwheel and round off.  Working to connect skills with confidence and control, trained tumbling coaches ensure perfection before progression to ensure your tumbler safely adds to their tumbling tool box.

Wacky Walkovers

Front walkovers and back walkovers are transitional tumbling skills that add grace and showcase flexibility and agility in tumblers.  In Wicked Walkovers, athletes are coached through stations that increase their strength, flexibility, and confidence in delivering well executed tumbling.  This popular class also introduces athletes to quality connected passes blending together skills from forward rolls to walkovers.

BHS 101 / Handsprings

Back Handspring 101 / Handsprings is the happening place to be! During this intense circuit, athletes will use challenging drills to ensure they have acquired all the needed components of the back handspring.  Expect athletes to leave this class feeling tired, sweaty, and SUPER ACCOMPLISHED! Standing and connected back handsprings are the focus, while athletes have fun and build intense fitness in this class!

Tremendous Tucks

In Tremendous Tucks, athletes challenge their mind and body while they take the next step in intense tumbling.  The front and back tuck are introduced in this class, while trained coaches ensure safety and proper execution.  Strength training, plyometric stations, and positive training and encouragement are tenets of this tough but rewarding class.

Tumbling Toddlers

Jump, bend, stretch and TUMBLE! Our tumbling classes for toddlers are a fan favorite. Your little one will love our gentle approach to teaching tumbling and gymnastics in a safe and fun environment. Tumbling classes for toddlers are a great way to get all of that boxed up energy released. We focus on balance, coordination, team building and of course FUN! Come check out one of tumbling classes today. Let’s tumble.

Preschool Tumbling

Students are introduced to basic tumbling positions including pike, tuck, straddle.  Forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels complete this early beginner’s tumbling vocabulary.  Attention to details such as alignment, flexibility, strength and safety are emphasized.  This structured class will teach gym safety, and will encourage self-confidence, listening skills, and social skills in a fun, interactive environment.

Layouts and Twists

Layout Twist packs a one-two punch of tumbling and strength training.  Athletes continue to equip themselves with the strength, flexibility, and stamina needed to execute proper tumbling.  Connected passes and improved advanced backward tumbling are just a few of the goals of this challenging circuit class.  Understanding body mechanics and developing the mental toughness that accompanies advanced tumbling are featured objectives in this class.

Flex and Stretch

Want to be a flyer? Want to take your tumbling to the next level? Improved flexibility and agility is something that will benefit EVERY ATHLETE! One of our most popular classes, flex and stretch will take the athlete through a rigorous static and moving stretching circuit.  Unleash your inner gumby with this challenging class!

Jump Like a Texan

Anyone who’s heard of Brett Hanson’s Spirit of Texas knows that Brett produces some of the cheer industry’s most amazing jumpers! In this 45 minute class, your coach will lead you through drills, stretches, and jump training to bring your cheer jumps to heights you’ve only imagined.  Focusing on both height and proper technique, the before and after videos from athletes in this class will leave you wondering why you waited to sign up!