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It’s no secret that cheerleading can quickly become expensive, especially if your athlete is involved in more than one program. Many families must use frequent fundraisers to pay for all the expenses related to the activity. If you’re looking for a better way to pay for your child’s cheerleading experience, get to know our booster club. The SAS Booster Group is committed to helping athletes participate in cheerleading without putting an undue financial burden on their families. At Supernatural All Stars, we want as many athletes to follow their passion as possible. Learn more about our booster club based in Central Massachusetts.

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What Is a Booster Club?

Booster clubs are most often found at high schools and universities and run by parents of the involved students. These clubs work to raise funds and support a particular program and the students who participate. Many music activities and sports teams need a booster club to maintain enough funding to operate. Booster clubs often achieve 501(c)(3) status and then organize fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and more.

Learn More About the SAS Booster Group

The SAS Booster Group works hard to ensure families can participate in at least one fundraiser each month. We want to make sure cheerleading is an affordable experience for you and your child. We hold a variety of fundraisers throughout the year that includes candles, candy bars, prize calendars, cash raffles, pizza, and much more. Our fundraisers are different each year, so you’re sure to find one that piques your interest. If you’d like to join our booster club yourself, we encourage you to attend our meetings. We’re always looking for new members dedicated to helping families afford an exciting cheerleading experience.