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Get ready—our preschool programs are so much fun so clear your schedule and get excited about our exceptional activities.

Who Can Participate?

Our preschool programs are geared toward small children who are excited about or could use an opportunity to get active. We welcome any child who is still too young to participate on one of our teams or in a more structured class setting. Our preschool programs are for physical education purposes only and should not be considered classes or forms of daycare.

Looking for Preschool Physical Education Programs?

Physical education is tricky for young children. They’re not yet able to participate in structured classes, but most parents don’t have the time to make sure their children are getting active. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to foster a love of movement in your child, Supernatural All Stars is here for you. Our Central Massachusetts team is proud to provide a selection of preschool programs that help children hone their motor skills and bolster their sense of independence and self-esteem. We encourage you to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.


What Our Preschool Program Has to Offer

Our preschool program has an array of activities your child can participate in. You may even be able to join in on select programs! Each activity is designed to promote a love of tumbling, gymnastics, and movement overall. Not every child is self-motived to get moving every day, so let us help to foster their physical education. We offer the following activities:

Preschool Tumbling

Get in on the fun with this preschool program. We’ll work on a variety of movement skills, and tumbling skills. We use hula hoops, air tracks, and some really fun stations!


Your toddler can learn the basics of tumbling and gymnastics in this program. We might utilize obstacle courses, ribbons, and music to make the learning process much more enjoyable.

Daytime Playtime

It’s no secret that play is essential to children’s development. During Daytime Playtime sessions, our gym becomes an open play area with fun equipment and  activities that your child chooses. The result is increased independence and engagement.

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